The restaurant

  • The restaurant

Fresh home-made pasta
Good plain cooking
Speciality: Tortelli, Gnocchi, Game, mushrooms of the Taro valley
Fresh saltwater fish to order

Dinig room for 120 persons

Bar open 18/24

Menu proposal:

Mixed appetizers

  • Old cuts with potate-leek pie and Russian salad
  • Ham with pies
  • Only potato-, rice- and leekpie

Farinaceous dishes

  • Ravioli with pork, cheesecream and black truffle
  • Ravioli with vegetables and cottage cheese in butter and sage
  • Truffle risotto with radicchio
  • Tortellini with beef stew
  • Lasagne with boar sauce
  • Baked lasagne
  • Pumpkin ravioli with mushrooms
  • Mushroom risotto
  • Baked pasta

Main course

  • Roast and Guinea fowl veal
  • Roast veal
  • Guinea fowl in cognac
  • Filled roast veal
  • Mixed grill (fillets, ribs, sausages and skewers) for max. 25 persons
  • Escalopes with mushrooms
  • Roast beef falvored with juniper
  • Roast lamb with garlic and rosemary


  • Tiramisu with chocolate sauce
  • apple pie with chestnut honey
  • chocolate pie with rum
  • milk pudding